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Intelligence Production Movement

CMZ Sistemi Elettronici has been designing and making programmable controllers for industrial automation since 1976.

CMZ today offers a complete range of products, from simple compact axis controls with integrated PLC to fieldbus based systems, terminals, drives, I/O modules and other devices. Field BUS have been thoroughly researched and all CMZ systems envisage the use of communication buses, such as the CAN Bus, Profibus, DeviceNet.

In addition to its standard systems CMZ develops dedicated designs, being certificated as a Research Laboratory for this purpose. An international sales network ensures full service not only in Italy but also abroad.

Years of experience in the sector have allowed axis control methods to be refined to the extent that some dedicated software packages have been created for certain special applications: electronic cams, axis synchronization, interpolation at different levels, flying shear, weight control library, DXF file interpreter, temperature control, flow-pack library.

Integrated Drive Systems Pvt. Ltd is sole distributor & system integrator for CMZ products in India.

Expertise in Applications
  • Flying Shear (Cut to Length) Machines
  • Packaging - Flow pack, Phasing Machines, Vertical Machines
  • Labeling Machines,
  • Capping Machines,
  • Dosing and Weighing Machines,
  • Printing Machines - Tile Printing & Flexo Printing,
  • CNC / RP Machines,
  • Handling Machines & Robots - Top Loader, Pick & Place, Multi Level Interpolation,
  • Paper Converting Machines,
  • Bending Machines,
  • Sewing / Embroidery Machines.
Major Product Range

Motion Controllers

Production Monitoring System


FCT241 it's a black box motion controller equipped with a PowerPC microprocessor, and programmable according to the standard IEC61131. The system is master CANOpen and it is based on the real-time operating system OS (Precise MQX) with drivers developed by CMZ. With the IEC61131 approach it is possible for the customer / user the development of his own libraries. CMZ has developed a wide range of libraries for the classic axes movement function like: electronic cams, interpolation, flying shear, weight and temperature control and libraries dedicated to the realization of whole machine.

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Production Monitoring System

AWL Series

AWL series are low cost option for single or multi axis controllers with I/O's, CANOpen, RS-232 communication with or without integrated operating panel: compact, flexible, simple to use and economic.

CTE 158
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CTE 240
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CTN 330
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CTN 560
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Servo Motors & Drives

Production Monitoring System

BL Series with CD-1-K drives

Servo Motors : size B28, B36, B56, B63, B71, B100, B132, range from 0.2 up to 115 Nm, Voltage : 220/400 V,
Number of poles : 4, 6, 8, 10.
Feedback : Resolver or Encoder.

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CD-1-K Series : Brushless drives with CANOpen DS402 interface, high flexibility, reduction of cabling, less HW costs and increasing of performance.

Stepper Motors & Drives

CMZ can offer a complete range of product that starts from the simple step / dir drive up to arrive to the systems stepless with integrated electronics and fieldbus.

Production Monitoring System

Stepper Motor series from 0,98 Nm to 12 Nm

Complete range of stepper motors with different shaft sections and size. Also available with back (rear) shaft for encoder mounting.

Stepper Drive SDS series

Motor current from 2.5 to 12A (up to 17A with boost).

SDS Step / Direction

Microstep up to 25600 step / rev, internal multiplication of step frequency signal, 5 dedicated INPUT/ 2 OUTPUT.


Stepper drive with CAN Open (DS402) and Profibus-D. Encoder Input for real position control, Movement functions: positioning, speed, homing, electronic cam, Microstep up to 25600 step / rev, Boost and limiter, 8 digital INPUT / 4 digital OUT - IEC61131 Programmable.

Stepper Drive MDM Series

Motor current from 1 to 6A (up to 9A with boost)

Production Monitoring System

MDM drive step / direction

Microstep up to 12800 step/rev, internal multiplication of step frequency signal, 4 dedicated INPUT / 1 OUTPUT.

Production Monitoring System


Integrated oscillator/indexer drive for ramp generation Start / Stop command with velocity profile, Position profile from a fixed frequency (pulse train), positioning by serial RS232 interface, Possibility to select, through dip switches, some functionalities related with the specific software version (start stop, labeling machine and serial interface firmware).

Integrated Stepper Motor-Encoder-Drive ISD Series

Production Monitoring System

Up to 12Nm, DC Power supply up to 135 Vdc, Interface : CANopen, Profibus DP, ±10V, RS485 Modbus, pulse / dir, Velocity, Position and Torque mode.

Industrial PC

Production Monitoring System

PCT Series

Touch screen, LCD TFT, 15", CPU Celeron Mobile 1.2 GHz (other CPU available on demand) USB, serial and Ethernet ports

Touch Screen Operator Interface

Production Monitoring System

TS Series

Terminal / Controller Touch Screen solution for axes control and PLC functions integrated

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Integrated Drive Systems Pvt. Ltd is sole distributor & system integrator for CMZ products in India.

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